Public Works

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temporary reduced fees to upsize your trash cart

The City of Frankfort is temporarily reducing the upsize fee for larger trash carts to $25. The reduced fee will be in effect July 8th through October 1st. Only the property owners will be allowed to upsize their carts during this time period. After October 1st the upsize charge will go back to $50. Recycle carts will not be downsized at this time, as we hope this is only a temporary issue.

The price of overflow bags has also been reduced for a limited time beginning July 8th through October 1st. During the time the price per roll is $4 and they are available for purchase at both Kroger stores.

All garbage/household trash must be containerized, either in the City cart or prepaid overflow bags.

Recyclable items: Plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum cans steel cans, corrugated cardboard.

Non-recyclable items: Paper products of all types, glass bottles and jars, plastic bags or plastic wrap, any type of Styrofoam or plastic or metal hangers, plastic cups, bowls, and clamshell packages.

Effective August 1st any recycle cart with paper products, glass or trash will be tagged and not emptied. Repeat violations could be fined and have their recycle cart taken.

To schedule a cart change out or for more information call Division of Solid Waste at (502) 875-8527 or Public Works at (502) 352-2088.

public works divisions

The Public Works office supervises the operation of four divisions:

  • Solid Waste
  • Stormwater
  • Street
  • Transit

This department is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Municipal Building.

Drainage & Engineering

The Public Works Department oversees drainage and engineering issues within the city limits. 

Development plans are reviewed by this office to insure adequate drainage, roadway sight distance, traffic control, parking, etc. Permits are issued for drive approaches, street cuts, grading, and other types of work performed on city streets or in right-of-ways.

Sidewalk Program

The Public Works Department is in charge of the Sidewalk Program. The City of Frankfort has taken over maintenance of the entire sidewalk in the public Right of Way. 

The Public Works Department is inventorying the areas that require repair and is systematically performing the required maintenance as part of the Pavement Replacement / Repair Plan. 

Any questions regarding sidewalks or to report hazardous sidewalks, contact the Public Works Department via phone at 502-352-2088.