Special Events

A Special Event Permit is required by any person or group desiring to use any city property or public right-of-way unless these areas are governed by another permit or application process. Special Event Permits are also required for events held on private property that impact the public right-of-way and are open to the public. The ordinances governing Special Events are located in Chapter 71. Sections 71.50 to 71.65 of the City of Frankfort Code of Ordinances.

Event applicants may submit applications for one of the following categories of events:

Applications may be submitted via mail, email or online.   Download the Special Event Permit Application pertaining to your specific event, fill out, and email back to Blair Hecker, bhecker@frankfort.ky.gov, or mail to City of Frankfort, c/o Blair Hecker, PO Box 669, Frankfort 40601.

Applications may also be filled out and submitted online:

Festival, Parade, Race, and WOA Permit Application: https://forms.gle/uZQCpJYtqJ1rWP2d9

Barricaded Street Closure Permit Application: https://forms.gle/VBR98Aj8Ny3wQZX29