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The City of Frankfort is preparing to initiate the second year of its Historic Preservation Grant Program. This year the program was expanded to all property owners within a National Historic Districts. After a successful pilot launch last year, the City further supported the second year by both increasing the eligible properties and increased the funding for the program to $50,000.

This grant program will provide a total of $20,000 in grants for Residential properties and $30,000 in grants to Commercial or Mixed Use properties. The owner must provide a 60% match of the total project costs (exterior) and the City will provide the remaining 40%. The minimum project cost is $5,000 (match grant is $2,000) and projects totaling $20,000 or more will qualify for the maximum $8,000 grant. Essentially, selected applicants that invest $5,000 on exterior improvements will receive a $2,000 check after the project is complete; owners that invest $10,000 will receive a $4,000 check after the project is complete, and those that invest $20,000 or more will receive an $8,000 check after the project is complete.

The following is a summary of this year’s amended program:

  • Applications will be placed into either a commercial/mixed use project or as residential only project.
  • Qualifying applications will be placed in the specified project type pool and drawn randomly at a public meeting.
  • $30,000 will be allotted for Commercial/Mixed Use properties and $20,000 allotted for Residential Uses properties.
  • Applications must identify a minimum of $5,000 of proposed exterior work.
  • 40% matching grant is the highest each selected application can be awarded.
  • Each application will be identified by the order they were drawn and the 40% match will be earmarked for each project. Upon acceptance by property owner of each application by the order they were drawn, funding will be reduced from the allotment.
  • Projects may now include roof repair and exterior painting.

The screening criteria will NOT allow

  • properties that were awarded grants last year,
  • properties that have liens, litigation, delinquent taxes,
  • interior renovation.

The deadline for applications is November 13 by 4:30pm.

For additional information contact Gary Muller or Rebecca Hall at (502) 875-8500

2nd Annual City Preservation Grant Program - now open!

Gary Mueller


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