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Leslie Morris Park on Fort Hill

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Leslie Morris Park on Fort Hill Brochure (PDF)


  1. Bird Blind
  2. Cave
  3. Guided Tour
  4. Historic Sites
  5. Interpretive Panels
  6. Self-Guided Tour
  7. Sinkhole
  8. Visitor Center
With over 120 acres of forest located on a hill overlooking downtown Frankfort, Leslie Morris Park offers both serene natural settings and reminders of the nation’s bloodiest conflict.

Historic Sites & Programming

The park preserves two Civil War earthwork forts and the site of an 1864 skirmish. The visitor center is an 1810 log house that is home to both exhibits and living history programs.

Trails carry visitors from there through the park’s historic area. Self-guided tour flyers and wayside panels explain what can be seen along the way. Guided tours are available during the summer months.

Other Facilities & Features

Another trail system introduces visitors to Fort Hill’s natural features – everything from a cave and sinkholes to spectacular views of the Kentucky River valley. A hiking trail - once the military road that carried supplies to the park’s forts - connects the top of Fort Hill with downtown Frankfort by way of the Capital Plaza.

A bird blind allows close-up viewing of many species of birds as well as squirrels and other animals. There is a spacious picnic shelter and public restrooms.

The park is easy to reach from downtown Frankfort by way of Holmes Street. Admission to the park is free, but there may be charges for some special programs.
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