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The New Downtown Parking Violation Fees Are Being Enforced

Posted by Jeff Abrams on Wed, 01/21/2015 - 3:13pm

For more information please see the new ordinance under Latest News at the bottom of the page. Questions contact the Police Department at 875-8523.

City approvals suspended until all taxes, fees, liens, fines are paid

Posted by Gary Muller on Wed, 11/26/2014 - 11:54am

PUBLIC NOTICE -  In accordance with the recently adopted ordinance #22, 2014 series, (adopted November 24, 2014) A property owner of any property within the city limits that has delinquent taxes, fees, fines, or liens shall be required to pay such in full for all properties within the City limits, prior to the city issueing any license, permit, sewer connections, building or electric inspections, board requests, occupancy, rental inspections, or any other action requiring City approval. 


JLUS Implementation Committee next meeting January 13, 2015

Posted by Gary Muller on Wed, 11/26/2014 - 11:43am

The next JLUS Implementation Committee meeting is January 13th, beginning at 5:30 at City Hall.   Discussion will be primarily concerning a draft Memorandum of Understanding.


For more information  please contact:

           Robert Hewitt at 502-875-8701 for County concerns

           Gary Muller at 502-352-2100 for City concerns

Construction to begin on US 127 in Franklin County

Posted by on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 2:17pm


Louisville, KY (February 18, 2014) - The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) recently awarded a contract for roadway improvements to US 127 (Wilkinson Boulevard) in Franklin County.  The $8.9 million project will involve the removal and replacement of the concrete pavement on US 127 from West Broadway to Holmes Street (mile point 8.6 to 10.5).  The construction work will also address drainage issues in the area.


“This project will provide a much smoother riding surface for motorists traveling on Wilkinson Boulevard,” stated Matt Bullock, Chief District Engineer for the Department of Highways District 5 Office in Louisville.  “The original concrete lanes were constructed in the early 1970’s and while some repairs have been made through the years, this pavement has exceeded its useful life.”


Work is scheduled to begin this week with the contractor cleaning culverts and making preparation for drain pipe replacement.  Lane closures are possible and the speed limit in the work zone has been reduced to 35 MPH.


The pavement work is scheduled to begin in mid-March and at that time US 127 will be reduced to one lane in each direction.  Traffic will be shifted to the southbound lanes while crews replace the pavement in the northbound lanes.  Once that phase of work is complete, traffic will use the newly paved northbound lanes while work is performed in the southbound lanes. 


KYTC has...

Temporary Signs or Banners for commercial property - what is allowed?

Posted by Gary Muller on Thu, 11/07/2013 - 10:30am

 How many, how long, and where can businesses place temporary signs or banners?   

It is always best to contact the Planning Office at 502-352-2094 before buying or installing any signs (temporary or not).    We are here to help you!

In general - Temporary banners or other temporary signs are permitted only for commercial, office and industrial uses and shall have only one temporary sign on the same property at no larger than 32 sq.ft..   No temporary sign shall be erected on a premise for a cumulative total of more than sixty (60) days per calendar year. Any applicant that proposes to maintain the same banner/ temporary sign for a period greater than sixty (60) days per calendar year shall obtain approval from the Planning Commission.

So does this mean you only get one sign for 60 days a year on your property?- NO.   It means the exact same sign cannot remain longer than 60 days - you can install one, then replace it with a similar or different sign, and so on.  But if you desire to keep the same temporary/banner sign for more than 60 days, then you need to get Planning Commission approval. 

So  I can only have 1 temporary banner or sign on my property at a time? - YES    (However, if a temporary sign is placed where it is not visible from the public right-of-way, staff can allow other temporary signs on the site (these are often 1 or...

Election Campaign signs - know what is allowed before you buy

Posted by Gary Muller on Mon, 10/21/2013 - 2:23pm

What are the requirements for political /campaign signs?

All properties may display political/campaign sign(s) – other than governmentally owned properties – provided the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. Sign(s) shall NOT be allowed within or over any public right-of-way;
  2. Signs shall NOT be attached to trees, utility poles, or fences.
  3. Sign(s) shall not be located to obstruct the vision of pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists traveling on or entering public streets;
  4. Signs shall not exceed 32 square feet in size.
  5. Signs shall not exceed six (6) feet in height.
  6. Sign(s) shall be removed within 5 days after the election-day of voting;
  7. Written consent of the owner should be obtained before installing the sign;
  8. No fee or permit is required.

How are these requirements enforced?

  1. Any sign found within a public right-of-...

How to Qualify and Apply for City of Frankfort Local Vendor Preference Status

Posted by Steve Dawson on Wed, 09/25/2013 - 12:35pm


Local businesses can qualify for  local preference status with the City of Frankfort, when a business meets the requirements of City of Frankfort Ordinances (see the City of Frankfort website) and maintains a current local preference application on file with the Finance Purchasing Agent.

The criteria for "local preference status" is the following:

  • Business must maintain an office or place of business located within Frankfort or Franklin County, and
  • Business must maintain a current occupational license as required by the City of Frankfort or Franklin County and have filed an occupational license fee return in the name of such business for two (2) years immediately preceding the year in which the local preference is to be awarded, and
  • Business has been certified as a local business by the Finance Purchasing Agent

Applications for the local preference status are available on the City of Frankfort Web-Site. Questions
concerning the local preference status should be addressed to the City’s Finance Department at
(502) 875-8500.

Local Business Preference Application Form

Chapter 38: City Policies

Online Reporting Now Available

Posted by Jeff Abrams on Tue, 09/24/2013 - 2:07pm


Frankfort PD is pleased to announce the Citizen Online Reporting System.  The System is available to residents of Frankfort as an option to report incidents to the Frankfort Police Department.

NOTE:  If your situation is an emergency ( a life or death situation or a crime in progress) immediately call 911

Online reporting is available for the following incident types:

  • Harassment/Harassing Communications
  • Fraud Use Credit/Debit Card Under $500 Within 6 Months
  • Thefts Under $500
  • Criminal Mischief/Vandalism Under $1,000
  • Lost or Damaged Property

To use the system, you will create an account to file your first report.  Save the account information for future use and to print draft copies of your report for free.  If you choose, you can obtain an official copy of the report via the State of Kentucky's BuyCrime website after the report review process has occurred.

It is a crime to make a false police report.

Click Here for additional information regarding Citizen Online Reporting...

How to be added to a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) notification list?

Posted by Gary Muller on Wed, 08/28/2013 - 8:50am

The City, County, and Boone National Guard recently completed a Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), with the efforts of the Joint Frankfort/Franklin County Planning Commission.   In the up coming months, the recommendations within the JLUS will be reviewed and discussed by the Planning Commission.  If you would like to be added to an email notification list concerning meetings and discussions of the JLUS, please select here by emailing the City's Planning Staff.  We will be happy to add you to the email distribution list.    Thank you for your interest in this process and plan.  Gary

How to be added to an email notification list relating to the Historic Preservation code changes?

Posted by Gary Muller on Wed, 08/28/2013 - 8:48am

The Planning Department is providing a group notification email list for citizens that desire to be notified when meetings, discussions, or drafts of changes to the Historic Preservation regulations.   It is anticipated that by October 2013, drafts and discussion meetings will begin relating to proposed changes to the City's local historic preservation regulations (Article 14 and the SC, SH, and CB zoning districts.   To be added to an email distribution list, please select here.

Thank you for your time and interest on this issue.   Gary


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