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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Request for Qualification



The City of Frankfort (City) and Franklin County Fiscal Court (County) would like to enter into an agreement with an experienced engineering consultant to provide services to aid the City and County in achieving NPDES MS4 Phase II permit compliance for the upcoming permit term.   


Respondents are asked to submit a Statement of Qualifications demonstrating your firm’s ability to provide the required services. The SOQ will be evaluated and the top ranking firms will be asked to submit a proposal based on the criteria outlined below in the section entitled Scope of Work.


The SOQ will be evaluated on the following (TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS: 100):


Firm Experience: 30 Points


This section should include a summary demonstrating the responding firm’s/team’s qualifications to satisfy all the technical areas identified in the Scope of Work.  The respondent should demonstrate verifiable experience for excellence and an outstanding record of work on projects of a similar nature that have been successfully completed within the past five years. 


Personnel Experience: 40 points


This section should include qualifications of key personnel to be assigned to this project, including length of time with the firm, education, certification, licensing profiles and experience on projects listed under Firm Experience.  A cross-reference between firm personnel and projects undertaken by the firm is encouraged.


Familiarity to the Project: 10 points


Respondents should state their familiarity to requirements of an NPDES MS4 Phase II permit especially the Kentucky Division of Water MS4 Permit requirements.


References: 20 Points

A representative list of clients with contact names and telephone numbers must be included.  The list should include details of what services were conducted for each client and the dates of service. Emphasis should be on listing MS4 communities in Kentucky.


Proposal Submission:


Interested firms should submit five (5) copies of their qualifications to:


Angie Disponette, Purchasing Agent

City of Frankfort

PO Box 697

Frankfort, Kentucky, 40602


Hand delivered qualifications can be taken to 315 West Second Street.

Submittal must be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

Firms having questions concerning this Request for Qualifications should contact Angie Disponette, Purchasing Agent at 502-875-8500.  Technical questions or requests to visit the site should be addressed to Derek Gray, PE, Deputy Director, Frankfort Public Works Department at 502-352-2088

Late Proposals:


Proposals received after the time and date specified above will not be considered and will be returned to the Consultant.


Rejection of Proposal:


Unsigned proposals or proposals signed by an individual not authorized to bind the prospective Consultant will be rejected.


Rights Reserved:


This RFP does not commit the City or County to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal for this request, or to procure or contract for services.  The City and County reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this request, to negotiate with any qualified Consultant, or to modify or cancel in part or in its entirety the RFP if it is in the best interest of the City or County to do so. Furthermore, a contract award may not be made based solely on price.


Selection Method


A committee of personnel from the City of Frankfort and Franklin County Fiscal Court will be used to evaluate Statement of Qualification submittals and select up to three firms for further interview. The committee will be made up of the City Public Works Director, City Public Works Deputy Director, City Sewer Department Water Quality Engineer and County Planning and Building Codes Director.

The firms participating in the individual interview process will be asked to submit the following fee proposals:

1.    A lump sum fee to complete the SWQMP for the 2015-2020 permit cycle including what is included and what is not included within the proposed scope.

2.    A lump sum per year fee to complete each of the Annual Reports required to be submitted to the Division of Water including what is included and what is not included within the proposed scope for the Annual Report.

3.    An hourly rate fee schedule for additional work that may be requested during the 2015-2020 permit cycle.



The City of Frankfort and Franklin County Fiscal Court are requesting the services of a Storm Water engineering consulting firm which specializes in assisting municipalities with regulatory/ordinance updates, achieving and/or maintaining compliance with the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) General Permit requirements, estimating fiscal impact of implementation to the City and County, and proposing alternate funding sources for permit implementation.


Scope of Services


The following scope of work outlines the tasks that the City of Frankfort and Franklin County Fiscal Court needs assistance with in order to comply with the requirements of the NPDES Phase II permit. The consultant should structure their proposal based on their knowledge of what needs to be accomplished in order to comply with the permit, with an emphasis on the following required tasks:


SWQMP Preparation:


Assist the City and County in preparation of the Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SQWMP) for the 2015-2020 permit cycle.


Preparation of the Annual Report:


The Consultant will assist the City and County in the preparation of required Annual Reports to KY Division of Water for each year of the permit cycle.


Fiscal Impact and Alternate Funding Sources:


The City and County currently funds its Storm Water Management Program through the General Fund and Reserves. The Consultant may be asked to present the City and County with an analysis of the fiscal impacts that the City and County can expect to incur throughout the lifetime of the Permit and propose alternate funding sources to fund the implementation of the upcoming MS4 Phase II permit requirements.


General Permit Compliance Assistance:


The Consultant shall provide assistance to the City and County as needed to implement various permit requirements including but not limited to: Education and Outreach; Public Participation; Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control; Pollution Prevention/Storm Drain Assessment; Landscape Design & Maintenance Program; Post Construction Management; Preparation of a Facilities Management Plan; and Preparation of Ordinances.




Qualifications shall contain the following information:

1.    Introductory Letter

2.    Capability and Experience of Consultant

Consultant shall provide the following information:

·         Specify the resources the consultant will dedicate to the scope of work identified in this RFP.

·         Provide a detailed organizational chart depicting the consultant’s hierarchy and relevant staff members.

·         Present job qualifications of key Consultant staff

·         Detail training taken to perform the scope of work identified in this RFP.

3.    Past Performance

·         Consultant shall provide a written description of past performance and methodology for contracts of similar size and scope including such factors as reliability, adherence to specifications, compliance with contract terms and conditions, and how requests for extra work were addressed. 

·         Consultant shall also include in their proposal a list of at least four (4) organizations which can be used as references for performance of similar services.  References shall include the customer name, contact person, phone number, and dates that similar services were performed.  References will be checked to determine the quality of work performed and personnel assigned to the job.  References of communities under the Kentucky Permit are preferred.