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William May


Frankfort native William I. May Jr. took office as Frankfort Mayor on January 1, 2013. He served as Mayor of Kentucky’s capital city from 1996 to 2009, but due to a Constitutional three term limit, was unable to run for a fourth consecutive term. He was the first mayor to succeed himself since the 1800’s. He also served as city commissioner from 2009-2013, between his third and fourth terms as mayor.

Mayor May is a graduate of Frankfort High School and Kentucky State University.

Community service has been an important part of life for Mayor May. He believes it is important to have a strong community where there are opportunities for all of Frankfort's citizens. Mayor May and his family pull the community together annually to sponsor "Coats for Kids", a project that provides brand new winter coats for all school children in need in Frankfort and Franklin County. In 1987, Mayor May was awarded the Community Service Award for "Coats for Kids", but he is quick to point out that this is a project where everyone makes it a success.
Some of the civic organizations Mayor May has been involved with include Frankfort Rotary Club, Frankfort/Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts of America District Chairman, Salvation Army of Frankfort Advisory Board, Frankfort Jaycees - President, Frankfort Arts Foundation - Board of Directors, P. U. S. H. Infant and Preschool - Board of Directors, Capitol Expo - Board of Directors.

 Mayor May has received the NAACP President's Award and the Kentucky Sheriffs' Association President's Award.

 Public safety, youth, senior citizens, the arts and neighborhood drainage problems are some of the issues Mayor May has worked hard to address during his tenure as Commissioner. Mayor William I. May, Jr. is committed to making Frankfort one of the safest, most livable cities in America, where everyone has an equal opportunity for success.


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Hello Bill,

I want to register my support for striping in bike lanes up Louisville Road. I see this as an accisibility issue. Motorists and non-cyclists are in the majority in this town but that does not mean that infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians should be ignored. Getting across town from East to West by bicycle is greatly impeded if not impossible for all but the most confident cyclists. There are very few roads that connect across the river and gorges in town and none of them are currently friendly or accomodating to cyclists. Bicycles will probably always be a minority mode of transportation, but it is important that the city and state plan for safe routes across and around town. Bike lanes coming down Lafayette were ruled out because residents did not want to lose on street parking. There will always be people who do not want to make the accomodation.

I expect our commissioners to have a broad vision for the future of Frankfort and improving Frankfort's bikability will be good for tourism, for livability, for equal access, and for the overall potential health of our citizens. Bike lanes on Louisville Road is a step in the right direction for improving our city for all citizens.

Thank you,

Kiersten Moore

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Jim Pierce:

Hello Bill,

I wish to lodge my support for the striping of Louisville Hill to allow for safer bicycling.

First, the concern raised by others regarding potential delays to emergency vehicles can easily be dismissed as the road's overall width will remain the same either way. If all pull to the side as we are required to do, there should be no difference in the space allowed for police, EMS and fire to pass through.

Besides the obvious benefit of safety to cyclists, I believe this will make that stretch of road safer for drivers as well. In my experience, Louisville Hill (a major route to and from our city) is by far the most dangerous section of road we have around. During those times when vehicles are using all three lanes (i.e., a vehicle descending, one passing and one being passed on the way up), I feel lucky to make it through unscathed with the curves, the extremely poor sight lines, the speed, and drivers often veering close to the edges of or sometimes beyond their lanes. The new striping proposal would make this section much safer for drivers as well.

The cycling striping would also improve the image of Frankfort by conveying to visitors, along one of our major gateways into the city, that Frankfort is a progressive city which encourages healthy lifestyles, values community and supports ALL of its citizens. It would be one small step moving Frankfort into the 21st century, toward being a better place to live and to visit.

One other thing I feel compelled to mention since the election season is upon us. I do not care one bit for politicians; I do, though, admire and respect leaders.... true, honest leaders. On this matter and all others, please make decisions which you believe are best for the City, our community... not ones which would soley be advantageous for your re-election. That is the only way elected officials can be a service to their constituents, to their community.

Thank you for the service you have given the City.


Jim Pierce

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Dear Mr. May,

I'm writing to express my support for the proposed bike lane on Louisville Rd. As someone who commutes to/from work by bicycle to the west side of town from South Frankfort, I would personally benefit from this change. But, more importantly, this would make this route a lot safer for all involved, especially pedestrians, as it would create a safety buffer from cars which does not presently exist.

There are also economic benefits to investing in this kind of infrastructure in our community. Nationally, houses located in areas with above-average levels of walkability [or bikeability] are worth up to $34,000 more than similar houses in areas with average walkability levels. (Cortright, J., 2009, "Walking the Walk: How walkability raises home values in U.S. cities," CEOs for Cities).

It may interest you to know that there is a national website that scores cities based on their walkability and bikeability, Both Louisville and Lexington have a score of 88, meaning that those communities are very walkable/bikeable. Whereas, Frankfort only has a score of 43, indicating that we are car dependent. I believe that we can and should do better.

It is important to me that our local leaders consider ways to make Frankfort more accessible to those who either choose to walk or cycle to their destination instead of driving or else can’t afford a car.

Thanks for your service to our community!

Nathan Rome

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