City of Frankfort

Capital of Kentucky

IT Department



The department operates two offices: IT and GIS

The IT office oversees and manages the technology infrastructure of the city and guides the city administration and departments in all technology-related activities. These include the Local Area Network and Internet facilities such as web, email and database servers in the city. This office also maintains city computer systems and provides network security to the city's network infrastructure. The department seeks to improve performance and productivity, create efficiency, and reduce operational cost and paperwork in every department, while at the same time improve the delivery of information to employees and the public through the use of the latest technology. The department also provides technical support and training to employees, creates IT policies and establishes rules and conduct for the use of technology in the city.

The GIS office is responsible for all mapping and surveying needs of the city, including the maintenance of a spatial database to support the operations of various departments in their day-to-day operations.

IT Department Docs

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