City of Frankfort

Capital of Kentucky


City Manager

Tim Zisoff has been Frankfort’s City Manager since March, 2013.  He was born in Honolulu while his father was in the military, and he was raised in Indiana. Tim attended Purdue University’s Camulet campus for two years and then worked at a steel mill.  He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1977 and a master’s of public administration in 1979 from Indiana University Bloomington.  He is married and has two sons.

IT Department


IT Manager: Bobby Ripy

The primary mission of the City of Frankfort Information Technology Department is to provide excellent, secure infrastructure, support, and innovation in the delivery of information technology products and services to enable and empower the City of Frankfort in its service to the community.

City Clerk

Public Works

The Public Works office of the City of Frankfort is located in the Municipal Building at 315 West Second Street. This office supervises the operation of four divisions Solid Waste/Sanitation, Stormwater, Street, and Transit. This department is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Municipal Building.

Sewer Department

Frankfort's first wastewater treatment plant was originally constructed in 1955-57 with grit removal, primary settling basins, a sludge thickener and two-stage anaerobic digestion with sludge drying beds. Chlorine was used for disinfection prior to discharge into the Kentucky River. In 1978-80, a new secondary activated sludge "oxidation ditch" type wastewater treatment plant was constructed and the disinfection process was changed to Ozone, which is more efficient and environmentally safe.

Planning and Building Codes Department

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Human Resources


Employment Information:

The City of Frankfort is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applicants meeting the minimum requirements for a position are encouraged to apply. Hiring decisions are based on the candidate's qualifications and ability to perform the essential functions of the job.

Finance Department


The Department of Finance is responsible for:

E-911 / Emergency Management

The mission of the Frankfort/Franklin County E911 Dispatch Center is to serve the citizens and visitors of this community by answering both emergency and non-emergency calls for service and dispatching the appropriate agency to that call as needed.

It is our goal to handle all such requests in a courteous, professional, expeditious manner in order to reduce/minimize as much as possible the injury, loss, and/or trauma associated with that specific incident.

Frankfort Fire and EMS

History of Frankfort Fire & EMS: