Enforcement & Tickets

LAZ Parking will have On-Street Ambassadors that will be enforcing proper usage of all On-Street spaces. Failure to abide by stated parking regulations will result in a citation being issued. The fee schedule for citations is $10.00 if paid within 30 days, escalating to $20.00 if paid between 31 – 60 days and $40.00 if paid 61+ days. Payment instructions will be provided on the received citation WEBSITE. If a specific license plate has 3 outstanding citations at any time the vehicle is subject to immobilization. If the vehicle is immobilized all back due citations must be paid before the vehicle will be released.

Upon receipt of a citation the parker has the ability to appeal the issued citation by visiting
lazparking.com where they will be requested to provide their citation number along with proof of daily/monthly parking payment showing the citation was issued in error.