Community, Cameras, and Cops

The Frankfort Police Department is pleased to announce its latest community initiative. Our C.C.C. program, otherwise known as “Community, Cameras and Cops”, will let the Frankfort Police Department partner with the community in an attempt to detect and deter crime in our city. The Police Department plans to buy two high resolution cameras that can be moved from one location to another in problems areas as part of our virtual patrol program. But what if those residents who already have cameras installed at their property were to participate? How quickly could crimes be solved if we all became the eyes and the ears of our community? If you have a security camera attached to your house and would like to register it with the Frankfort Police Department we can partner together and help keep your neighborhood safer.

The city’s I.T. department has built a GIS map of all registered cameras within the city so Investigators will know locations for possible footage. Please note: Registering your camera does not give us access to the footage. Automatic consent is not given by the camera owner simply by registering it. The Frankfort Police Department will still need your permission to view or copy the footage.

Let us give you one example how the program will work:

  • Day shift patrol takes 8 theft’s from auto cases one morning from the same area.
  • The assigned detective can pull up the C.C.C. map and see if there are any cameras registered in that area.
  • At that point in time a detective would call and ask you to view your footage from the night before to see if there is anything on it that would give us a lead.

By quickly identifying the locations for potential footage, we hope to increase the efficiency in the early phases of the investigations. Most often, speed in the initial phases leads to a better resolution.

We are also asking for businesses that have cameras to register them as well. Additionally, cameras that face streets, roadways and access points could prove to be most beneficial.

Quick and efficient access to potential leads will increase our chances of apprehending an offender and make Frankfort even safer. Together, we can make a difference and make the C.C.C. program a success. Please consider registering your camera with us by filling out the following form: C.C.C Registration Form. That’s all we need to build our investigative map. Any further questions please email

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