Board of Commissioners- Goals & Priorities


Nestled on the banks of the Kentucky River, Frankfort is the crown jewel of Kentucky. As the capital city, Frankfort is a welcoming and diverse community with a thriving economy and residents experiencing affordable and healthy living, active lifestyles, quality education, livable neighborhoods, with opportunities to succeed.


Frankfort, as Kentucky's Capital City, is committed to preserving its unique history while taking a proactive approach to building its future. We promote an enhanced quality of life, work and play by providing professional services in a responsive, timely and compassionate manner that meets and exceeds expectations of all our citizens.


Policy agenda items are issues that need direction of a policy decision by the Board of Commissioners, or need a funding decision by the Boar of Commissioners, or issues that need City of Frankfort leadership in the community or of other governmental bodies. The following is the policy agenda as adopted by the Board of Commissioners:

  1. Address impact of pension issue
  2. An empowered and engaged citizenry that is heard
  3. Beautification
  4. City Hall and Fire Station 1
  5. Code and ordinance education - linking up ways to connect resources
  6. Distinct economy for the City apart and separate from State government
  7. Effective lobbying strategy at local, state and federal level
  8. Ethical government/open/transparent
  9. Infrastructure
  10. Maintaining, increasing and enhancing partnerships
  11. Mater plan for Sewer
  12. Planned transformation
  13. Promote Organizational Performance
  14. Strong diversified economy
  15. Unrecognized city liabilities


  1. Ethics and transparency
  2. Policies, ordinance and procedures - review, renew and revise
  3. Planning and zoning policy and procedure review
  4. Increase percentage of city employees who live in the city
  5. Utilize eyes and ears of staff
  6. Consolidate DFI into other agency
  7. Inter local agreement with Emergency Management
  8. Maintain and benchmark a culture of customer service (idea - target people who have moved to Frankfort and follow up to see how their experience went.)
  9. Pushing out public information more effectively


  • Capital Plaza
  • Great Bond rating
  • Revitalization of the urban core
  • Having economic drivers
  • More favorable demographics (burgeoning population - current core is stagnated - need people who will stay - median age - more professionals)
  • We have limited room to grow - need annexation - this issue is not unanimous
  • Obtaining a better educated poplulation
  • Continuous excellence in city government - expectations of the public
  • Quality neighborhoods - consider establishing thriving neighborhood associations
  • Engaged citizenry
  • Infrastructure

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