Fire Marshal's Office


The City's Fire Marshal Office has the primary goal to eliminate or reduce the potential loss of life or property by fire or other hazards through education, inspection programs, and administering the adopted Federal, State, and Local Fire and Building Codes.

Authority: Kentucky State Statutes chapter 227 provides legal authority for fire safety inspections of commercial and multi-family businesses by the Fire department and local Fire Marshal. The City’s Fire Marshal is State Certified as a Fire Prevention Inspector, Level I and II; State Certified in Arson Investigation I, II, and III; is a member of NFPA; member of International Fire Marshal Association; member of the International Association of Arson Investigators and a member of the Code Administrators Association of Kentucky.


Annual Fire Prevention and Life Safety Commercial Inspections: The Fire Marshal is responsible for scheduling Company inspections of commercial buildings, performing inspects and re-inspections of the hundreds of occupied commercial buildings in Frankfort, to ensure that each structure complies with the minimum fire codes that have been established on the federal, state, and local level.

Fire Inspection/Life Safety for Residences: The Fire Marshal is responsible for performing fire inspections for all multi-family (3 units or more) buildings (common areas, apartment offices, and exterior). The Fire Marshal can also perform life safety inspections upon request for single-family homes and encourages this before leasing or buying a single-family home. 

*** This OFFICE DOES NOT conduct Recreational Vehicle (RV) Inspections or New Manufactured Housing Inspections.  You must contact  502-573-1795 for Recreational Vehicle and Manufactured Housing Inspections.  RV Inspection Fact Sheet

New Development/Construction Review and Inspection: The Fire Marshal is responsible for plan review of proposed subdivisions and development plans, business license applications, ensuring proper fire department connection, fire lanes, fire department key boxes (Knox boxes), and determining occupancy loads for assembly uses.

Specialty permits (burn/blasting/fireworks): The Fire Marshal is responsible for review and approval of all open burn permits, blasting permits relating to development or demolitions, and firework displays/sales/use of pyrotechnics permits.

Public Education and Outreach: The Fire Marshal assists the department in reaching out to the community in various forums to educate the public with regard to fire safety and other safety issues. Presentations are made throughout the community on a variety of safety issues including home and workplace fire safety, senior fall/trip hazards, disaster preparedness, and proper use of fire extinguishers. These presentations are provided by Station tours, attending public community events, safety presentations at schools or civic clubs, senior housing presentations, and social media.

Smoke alarm installation: The Fire Marshal will educate and install residential fire alarms as well as special hearing-impaired fire alarm bed shakers to residents of Frankfort. This is a free service and citizens can contact the Fire Marshal to schedule smoke alarm installation by phone or by email.

Please contact our office below if you require an inspection or have questions regarding our inspection or public education programs.

Matthew Marshall
Fire Marshal
Office (502)875-8539
Cell (502)682-4209