Public Art


Are you thinking about creating a mural for your property? That's great! The Planning & Community Development department has recently implemented new guidelines for their installation. This process is outlined below. Be sure to check out the related documents section at the end of this page for more information.

  1. Submit Mural Application and appropriate attached review materials to Planning & Community Development for review.
  2. Submit Work in City ROW Permit to Public Works Department if necessary.
  3. City staff review & document proposed mural location and Work in City ROW Permit.
  4. If Mural meets the guidelines and is eligible for administrative approval Mural Permit is Issued; If Mural does not meet the guidelines or is not eligible for administrative approval applicant needs to follow typical procedure for filing for Architectural Review Board Review.
  5. Mural Permit is approved by Staff/ARB.
  6. Mural is installed.
  7. Applicant contacts Planning Department to request a staff mural confirmation visit. At this visit staff will verify that the mural as installed is in accordance with the approved application. Staff will take photos of the mural to be kept with the permit file.