For Shoppers

The City of Frankfort offers the Shop Local Frankfort Gift Card Program to use at participating local businesses.  The Shop Local Frankfort Gift Card functions just like any other gift card, but is available for use at all participating businesses, not just one.  

Visit the Shop Local Frankfort program page to purchase a gift card in any amount.  The cards make great gifts, and can be sent to family, friends and colleagues via email or text.  Gift cards are all digital, so they're always available on your phone.  Purchasers also have the option to print the gift card.

There are many local businesses who are Shop Local Frankfort participants, the list is available on the program page and is growing daily!  Using the Shop Local Frankfort gift card gives you an opportunity to support your favorite local businesses or try something new.  

Purchase gift cards here: Shop Local Frankfort Gift Card Program portal-
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Present your eGift Card on a mobile device or printed on paper.

It gets processed as a MasterCard (credit card, not a gift card).

Make sure not to charge more than the gift card balance, otherwise the transaction will be declined. Your phone will show the current balance. For printed gifts, check your gift card balance at or use the orange URL at the bottom of the printout.

To purchase something that exceeds the eGift Card value, the cashier must split the bill between your gift card and another payment method. Enter the available card balance before ringing it up; it will be declined if they try to charge more than the card balance. No tipping is allowed.

Your eGift Card must be redeemed in-store or over the phone. It will not work for online purchases if the shopping cart total is more than your balance, or with third party delivery services.


Q:  What do I do if the eGift Card is ‘declined’? 

A:  The transaction is declined if you try to redeem more than the value of the card, or if any of the redemption information is mis-typed. Ask the cashier to start the transaction over with the correct value and info. 

Q:  Since the eGift Card is like a MasterCard, can it be redeemed anywhere?

A:  No.  They can only be redeemed at our participating locations.

Q:  Can the eGift Card be used more than once?

A:  Yes. They are multi-use and the current balance is always reflected on the digital voucher. The gift cards do not expire. Dormancy fees may be applied if gift is not used in a 12 consecutive month period.

Q:  Can I apply a refund to the eGift Card?

A:  Yes. Refunds can be applied to a valid (unexpired) card just as you would to a credit card.